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Yan Gaofei


Yan Gaofei was born in Guangzhou (Canton) in southern China in 1967. At thirteen he began to study various martial arts. After his early schooling he went to Xi´an in northern China at Xi´an Jiao Tong University where he majored in Management Engineering. In Xi´an at the age of seventeen, he met Master Chen Quanzhong there and started to study Chen Style Tai Chi. After two years of study with Master Chen Quanzhong, he began to realize with much more clarity what martial arts was about although he practiced many different martial arts before his study with Chen Quanzhong.

In the early 90´s Yan Gaofei was able to study with other Chen family members. Chen Shitong, Chen Boxiang, and Chen Zhenglei all taught Yan Gaofei in Chen village. In addition, in order to find out more truth, he visited many martial artists all over China. Yan Gaofei was appointed President of the Chen Style Tai Chi Association in Guangzhou (Canton).

Because of his business, he came to United States in 1995. He is the president of Endless Forest, Inc. In the past years Yan Gaofei has freely given of himself in his spare time to teach and promote Chen Tai Chi as well as other internal exercises. He strongly believes internal exercise will be very popular in the west in the future. In March of 1996 he became a board member of the American Chen Style Tai Chi Association (ACT). He was also the chief instructor of Florida Traditional Chen Tai Chi Center, and the chairman of International Sword Sparring Association (ISSA).

Beginning of 2007 he finished his teaching in order to address himself more to his business activities.

Yan Gaofei  
Interview with Yan Gaofei (german):
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