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Chen Quanzhong
Yan Gaofei
Chen Xili

Info about Chen Tai Chi .de

Chen Tai Chi Munich Area

@ Ebner Julius Email: jul@daoqigong.de
Web: www.taijidao.de
@ Kuhnke Thorsten Email: thorsten.kuhnke@gmx.de
@ Freund Cora Email: skudlabski@gmx.de
@ Zhang Shuping Email: Zhangshuping@aol.com

Chen Tai Chi Freising Area

@ Böhme Friedemann Email: friedemann@iufboehme.de
Web: www.karate-freising.de
Web: www.taichi-qigong-freising.de
@ Brück Hendrik Email: Taijifreak@gmx.de
Web: www.chentaiji-freising.de
@ Ditsch Michael Email: ditsch@chen-taichi.de
Web: Tai Chi Freising
Web: www.taichi-qigong-freising.de
Web: www.michaelditsch.de
@ Simianer Thomas Email: Th.Simianer@freenet.de
Web: www.taichi-qigong-freising.de
Web: www.black-dragon-swords.de

Chen Tai Chi Fribourg Area

@ Haak Hartmut Email: zentrum-haak@net-base.de
Web: www.zfcb.de

Chen Tai Chi Nuremberg/Erlangen Area

@ Becker Jutta  
@ Chrestels Thomas Email: thochre@web.de

Chen Tai Chi Berlin Area

@ Pestel Mario Email: info@taiji-berlin.de
Web: www.chentaiji-berlin.de
@ Engel Tim Email: julyy@gmx.de
@ Rätz Martin Email: chen-shi-taijiquan@arcor.de
Web: www.long-wu-guan.de

German Chen Tai Chi Mailing List

  • Open mailing list for friends of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan in Germany.
  • Mutual communication and information, contacts, help and announcements of seminars.
  • Independent of style or teacher all friends of Chen Shi Tai Chi Chuan get the possibility to talk about Tai Chi or related topics like Chinese Martial Art or Chi Kung.

www.chentaiji-liste.de - please click here (german)!

JiJian - Swordsparring

Swordsparring with Softswords

Links to friends and partners

Chinese Website of Chen Quanzhong

Chinesisches Kulturzentrum München
Personal contacts to the chinese community in Munich.

Taiji Qigong e.V. München
Personal contacts to the club. The Taiji Qigong e.V. is in touch with Zhu Tiancai and organizes seminars in Germany.

Deutsch-Chinesische Wu-Shu Akademie
Personal contacts to the Wu-Shu Academy of Wu Mei Ling and Martin Rüttenauer in Konstanz (Bodensee).

Traditionelles Okinawa Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate
Personal contacts to Norbert Wiendl.

Integrales Taijiquan
Personal contacts to Stefan Gätzner.

Chinese Arts

Bohn-Wu International Trading Co.
Bohn-Wu International Trading Co.
The new China-Connection via Taiwan: Traditional Chin. Culture, Trad. Chin. Art, Trad. Chin. Martial Arts, with a small shop.

Magazin für Chinesische Kampfkunst
Magazin für Chinesische Kampfkunst
The Best of Wuhun - from Stefan Gätzner

Chen Shi Tai Ji
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