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Chen Xili

Chen Xili - dragon on the ground
Chen Shi Tai Ji

Chen Xili


Chen Xili, 20th successive generation of Chen family, was born July 14th 1960 in Xi'an. Ancestral home is Chenjiagou Village Wen county in Henan province.

From early childhood he was taught by his father Chen Quanzhong. He learned from him first and second form of lao jia , sword form, dadao (long handled broadsword) and tuishou (pushhands).

In the seventies he became a student of Chen Zhenglei. With him he practiced the new form, tuishou and spear form.

More over he is practicing a wide range of competition forms and weapon forms, like broadsword, double broadsword and double sword.

Furthermore he was taught by Chen Xiaowang.

Several times the gold medalist in Taichi at National and Provincial Championships

Chen Xili is vice president of Xi'an Chen Style Taichi Research Association and coach of Xian Wushu Association.

Interview with Chen Xili (german)
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Chen Xili

Five kinds of chen style tai chi chuan tui shou
practised by Wu Yingfeng (red) and Chen Xili (white)
Chen Xili 2
Chen Xili, pushing hands with other Taiji student Oct 1994 in China
(Photo American Chen Taichi Association)
Chen Xili
Chen Xili
Chen Xili mit Chen Zhenglei
Chen Xili (top row left) with Chen Zhenglei (top row middle)

Chen Xili
Chen Xili

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